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An enamel school was founded at the gallery in 2002, where new Georgian enamel art is being developed and refined based on old Georgian enamel traditions. 
At the workshop, the technology of cloisonné enamel was studied by professionals and lovers of this subject, as well as by clergy, children deprived of their care (as part of the Gallery Charity Project) and by foreign artists.
Introducing the Georgian cloakroom to the international community is one of the main areas of the gallery. 
The school with the gallery "Ornament" is the only specialized enamel art institution to date, whose activities cover both the educational, social and cultural sectors.

Educational Activities:

2002 - 2012 - American, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Czech and Kazakh artists studied enamel technology at the school's gallery.
2012 - Public Masterclass Gallery "Meno niche", Vilnius, Lithuania

2009 - Public Masterclass at the Biennale "The Birth of XXI Enamel Art" - Oakland, CA, USA

2007 - Master class on cloisonné enamel technology, Limoges, France

Implemented Projects:

2009 - Project "Popularization of Georgian Culture in the World",
Donor: Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia.

2006 - Project: Technological Equipment of Cloisonne Enamel, financed by: International Fund for the Assistance of Artists.

2001 - Project: "Development of Modern Georgian Cloisonné Creative Workshop", sponsored by: "United Employment Fund of Georgia.

Since 2001, up to 120 caregivers have been trained at the school. After acquiring the profession, they established their own studio and are still under the patronage of the gallery. Their work is included in the permanent exhibit presented here.